The Course – MKMMA – Week Six

I found this week I needed to review the webinar and replay it several times.
Adult learning. Two main receptors. 7 direct ways.
Learning how to create concentration improving exercises.
Develop the ability to internalize your Bliss so that externally it manifests.
Focus on your Smart Goals to support your DMP.
Develop an accurate Shape Sheet with target goals.
Create and implement learning triggers to enhance passive development exercises.
We are to leverage the Science of Focussed Learning in passive ways.
Davene says that we must develop the future we want with three dimensional
items and use them 24/7 in passive ways to bombard the subconscious to become
the best friend of your future self.
Accelerate the demand on your subconscious mind by accelerating the progression
of – “firming thoughts consistently within”.
Conscious focus 24/7 will aid in effortlessly creating the burning desire within to
manifest in the outer.
Personally enforce Honesty and Focus to accelerate befriending your future self.
The cornerstones to having the Hero Within – Your Future Self –  become the rightful YOU
are Accountability and Honesty.
Override procrastination by making your future self your very best friend.
It finally lit like a football field bright night light, ….
Most people live life like painting by the numbers – following pre set lines – rules
colours – shapes – on the canvas of their life, THAT HAVE BEEN PLACED THERE
No wonder dreams are lost before we finish high school.

And…. Mark says…  with Mind Culture  Concentration is everything.

Still chizlin at pieces of the cement Budha.

Quitters never win. It is a simple fact.




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  1. Thank you thank you thank you. Great summary of the webinar. Visual made readable for me. My subby needed to retread these words. I am copying this. I give you credit. thank


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